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The Third NAOKOL

October 14-16, 2010 | The University of Michigan

Thursday, October 14

4:00-7:00 PM


FORUM A (Moderator: Kyeong-Hee Choi)

Challenges of Cross-Cultural Translation:

A Conversation with Translators and Publishers of Korean and Japanese Fiction

4:00-4:20 PM

Greetings and Congratulatory Remarks

Don Lopez (Professor and Chair, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures)

4:20-4:40 PM

Chi-Young Kim (Translator)

“Translation for the American Market”

4:40-5:00 PM

Michael Emmerich (Translator; Columbia University)

“The Best of Times, the Worst of Times:

Translating Japanese Literature in 2010”

5:00-5:20 PM


5:20-5:40 PM

Chad W. Post

(Director of Open Letter Books; Managing Editor of Three Percent, University of Rochester)

“Indie Presses & Literature in Translation”

5:40-6:00 PM

Jonathan Segura

(Deputy Reviews Editor; Publishers Weekly)

“Translating and Publishing Korean Literature to Appeal to the U.S. Local Market: From a Reviewer’s Perspective”

6:00-7:00 PM

Discussion and Q & A

7:00 PM


Friday, October 15

7:00-8:30 AM         

Breakfast at Dining Hall (ER) / Campus Inn Dining Room

8:40-9:00 AM

Opening & Welcoming

Remarks by Nojin Kwak (Director of the Nam Center for Korean Studies, U-M), Kyeong-Hee Choi & Youngju Ryu

9:00-11:00 AM

Session I (Moderator: Jin-Kyung Lee)

Colonial Identities

Jina Kim - "Early 20th century Department Stores and Fashioning of Identity in Colonial Korea and Taiwan"

Christopher P. Hanscom - "Modernism, Hysteria, and the Colonial Double Bind"

Su Yun Kim - "Racialization and COlonial Space: Intermarriage in Yi Hyo-sok's Works"

(Discussants: Chan E. Park; Samuel E. Perry; Catherine Ryu)

11:00-11:10 AM         


11:10-12:00 PM

Plenary meeting I

(Facilitator: Kyeong-Hee Choi)

12:00-1:00 PM

Lunch at Dining Hall (ER)

1:00-2:30 PM

Session II (Moderator: Michael Pettid)

Modern Womanhood in Transition

Ji-Eun Lee - "New Women to New Housewies: Changing Discourses in Sinyosong, 1923-1934"

Yoon Sun Yang - "Enlightened Daughter and Benighted Mother"

(Discussants: Jin-Kyung Lee; Hyangsoon Yi)

2:30-3:20 PM

Special Session (Facilitator: Bruce Fulton)

Informal Discussion on Academic Publishing

Young-mee Yu Cho; Kyeong-Hee Choi; Kelly Jeong; Kyung Hyun Kim; Jin-Kyung Lee; Chan E. Park; Michael Pettid; Hyangsoon Yi

3:20-4:50 PM

Session III (Moderator: Kelly Jeong)

Ideology and Re-vision

Sunyoung Park - "Rereading Colonial Leftist Literature after the Cold War"

Travis Workman - "Rethinking Colonial Period Cultural Nationalism"

(Discussant: Kyeong-Hee Choi)

5:00-7:00 PM

FORUM B (Moderator: Chinwoo Nam)

A Conversation with Kim Young-ha & Shin Kyung-sook

***Dinner at your own discretion***

8:00-9:30 PM

(Optional program)

"So the Arrow Flies"

Award-winning one-woman show by Esther Chae

Studio 1, Walgreen Drama Center, 1226 Murfin Ave.

Saturday, October 16

7:00-8:30 AM     

Breakfast at Dining Hall (ER)

9:00-10:30 AM     

Session IV (Moderator: Jin-Kyung Lee)

Sound in Language, History in Film

Young-mee Yu Cho - "Linguistic Exuberance in Contemporary Korean Literature: Emerging Rhyme Schemes and Puns

Kyung Hyun Kim - "The End of History, the Beginning of Historical Films: Korea's New Saguk"

(Discussant: Bruce Fulton; Young Jun Lee)

10:30-10:40 AM     


10:40-12:10 PM

Session V (Moderator: Chan E. Park)

Adaptation and Re-creation

Sookja Cho - "Butterfly Lovers' in Korea: From a Love Story to a Ritual Song"

Hye Seung CHung - "The Man with No Home: Shan Comes Back in a 'Manchurian Wester'"

(Discussants: Kelly Jeong; Michael Pettid)

12:10-1:10 PM

Lunch at Dining Hall (ER)

1:10-2:30 PM

Plenary MeetingII 

(Facilitator: Kyeong-Hee Choi)

2:45-3:30 PM

Open/Informal Session

3:30-3:45 PM

Closing Remarks

4:00-6:00 PM

FORUM C (Moderator: Youngju Ryu)

Fiction Reading

Venue: Helmut Stern Auditorium

University of Michigan Museum of Art

7:00 PM

Banquet Dinner (hosted by KLTI)

Rackham East Conference Room


Sookja Cho

Arizona State University

Young-mee Yu Cho

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Kyeong-Hee Choi

University of Chicago

Hye Seung Chung

Oakland University

Bruce Fulton

University of British Columbia

Christopher P. Hanscom

University of California-Los Angeles

Kelly Jeong

University of California-Riverside

Jina Kim

Smith College

Kyung Hyun Kim

University of California -Irvine

Su Yun Kim

Hamilton College (formerly)

JI-Eun Lee

Washington University in St. Louis

Jin-Kyung Lee

University of California-San Diego

Young Jun Lee

Harvard University

Chan E. Park

Ohio State University

Sunyoung Park

University of Southern California

Samuel E. Perry

Brown University

Michael Pettid

State University of New York-Binghamton

Catherine Ryu

Michigan State University

Youngju Ryu

University of Michigan

Travis Workman

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Yoon Sun Yang

Arizona State University

Hyangsoon Yi

University of Georgia