I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2010 with a major in both Polish and Neuroscience. Currently I am completing medical school at the American University of the Caribbean, rotating in the state of Michigan. 

I chose the Slavic major in order to become closer to my own family heritage as well as to focus on developing the more artistic and creative side of my mind. My favorite parts of the Slavic major included classes that focused on Slavic film and art (in form of poetry, short film, literature, paintings)--showing the changes through the years as well as the ties into political and economic struggles at the given time. Not being very familiar with these topics originally, this major broadened my horizons in understanding history and the current world. In medicine the major has been useful because I am more aware of personal struggles in others as well as the psychology of thinking and representation. 

Some advice for current students considering a Slavic major is to definitely take some classes that are out of their comfort zone--you will most likely be very pleasantly surprised, as not one class in the Slavic department ever lost my interest or failed to teach me something I did not know before. Best of luck!