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Major and Minor

Major Checklist


GREEKMOD 101 and 102 (or MODGREEK 101 and 102) or equivalent as determined by placement exam.


A minimum of 9 courses distributed as follows:

1. Modern Greek Language: Four (4) Modern Greek language courses at the 200-level and above (205 and 305 are excluded.) These include: GEEKMOD201, 202, 301 (required) and GREEKMOD302 or 330. Up to three (3) credits of Directed Reading (GREEKMOD 499) may be used with approval of the Major advisor.

2. Modern Greek Literature and Culture: Modern Greek 214 and three (3) courses in Modern Greek literature and culture at the 300-level or above (i.e., a total of four courses).

3. Structure Course: One (1) course selected in consultation with and approved by the Major advisor.


Minor Checklist

The Minor is designed to provide a basic, but contextual and broad, familiarity with Modern Greek language, literature, and culture. More specifically, it requires students to study at the intermediate and advanced levels, Greek and its authors but at the same time it acquaints them with the broader historical, social, and cultural contexts in which they lived and worked.


Students with a Minor in Modern Greek gain foundational, comparative and contextual knowledge of Modern Greek language, literature, history, and culture. Through a selected series of courses, they are introduced to the many dimensions of Modern Greek culture, through authentic texts, language learning, exploring Modern Greek history and the history of the Greek diaspora, and critically engaging with the issues facing Greece in the globalized, contemporary world.



GREEKMOD 201 (or MODGREEK 201) or equivalent as determined by placement exam.


At least 16 credits to be chosen from each of the following categories as described:

1. Modern Greek Language and Literature: At least two (2) courses in Modern Greek language and literature above GREEKMOD 201 or MODGREEK 201. These include 202 and 301.

2. Modern Greek Culture: A broad introductory course in Modern Greek culture (GREEKMOD 214.)

3. Upper-level Courses: At least two (2) upper-level courses investigating more specific cultural issues in Modern Greece such as the diaspora, travel, the history of Athens, myth and cinema, Greek heritage, or other topics [ e.g., GREEKMOD 325 (Athens Present and Past), GREEKMOD 330 (TRANSLATING GREECE), GREEKMOD 340 (Travels to Greece), GREEKMOD 350/COMP LIT 382 (Myth and Cinema), GREEKMOD 375 (Engaging Antiquity), GREEKMOD 350 (Special Topics), etc.].

Any appropriate course taught in the area of Modern Greek Studies in departments other than Classical Studies, must be approved by the Program Advisor and the Chair of Modern Greek.