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Plant Molecular Biology

Files of Arabidopsis root epidermal cells showing expression of a rtranscriptional eporter fusion of the GLABRA2 homeodomain gene.

Plants occupy a central position in the biological world, carrying out unique processes that generate most of the world's food, fiber, and energy. Much of the research in plant molecular biology is focused on understanding the mechanistic basis for these plant-specific processes. In addition, because plants are convenient organisms for biological studies, they are used to uncover the molecular basis of general processes that are common to all living things.

Our Department has investigators studying many different plant processes,including photosynthesis, cellular signaling, metabolism, organelle biogenesis and function, cell and organ development, and plant-microbe interactions. Members of these research labs receive interdisciplinary training in a wide range of approaches, such as molecular biology, genetics, physiology, biochemistry, cell biology, and bioinformatics.