(From the Josie King Foundation Facebook) 

"Many thanks to the students of the University of Michigan Health Sciences Scholars Program for reading Josie's Story and for your amazing reflection letters. I received them yesterday and I have read through each and every one of them. It is clear to me that Josie's Story has had an impact on you as you become future health care providers. Your letters were thoughtful, inspirational and beautifully written. It is nice to know that Josie's life and story has inspired all of you to listen to each other, listen to the family/patient and work hard towards creating a culture of patient safety. You all are our future. Study hard and keep up the amazing work We need you. 

-Sorrel King"

For information on the on Josie's Story: A Patient Safety Curriculum and excerpts of reflection letters from students around the country (coming soon) click here.... http://www.josieking.org/josies_story_a_patient_safety_curr…