On January 23, Women's Studies Professor Amal Fadlalla launched her new book, Branding Humanity: Competing Narratives of Rights, Violence, and Global Citizenship, at the Wilson Center in Washington, DC. Professor Fadlalla conducted her research for the project at the Wilson Center. 

Branding Humanity analyzes the way that distinct groups have used identity politics in Sudan, resulting in conflicts due to tensions of gender, race, class, and ethnicity. “In practice, efforts at nation-building in the Sudan have consistently failed to bridge gender, race, class, and ethnic divisions. So, this debate over national belonging has resulted in violent conflicts, leading to increasing immigration of Sudanese people to different countries in the world, including to the United States, and ultimately to the division of the country into two nation states," says Professor Fadlalla. 

The book has been commended for its unique approach, which escapes typical methods of political science and historical research. 

To find out more or hear a recording of the launch event, visit the Wilson Center's website