Delany Doggett graduates with a Masters in International and Regional Studies Program (MIRS) specializing in African Studies. While in the MIRS program, she received Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) funding during both years for her focus on Swahili. She also received the Lester Monts Scholarship honorable mention for her paper on, “The effects of Chinese investments on food security in Zambia. Her research focused on how “developing” societies, primarily those in Africa, are impacted by globalization. 

During the summer of 2023, she interned with the Hatima Institute International, based in Uganda, where she helped develop their fundraising department. Building off of this experience, her capstone project, entitled "Examining the Impacts of Food Security versus Food Sovereignty Initiatives," compared the work of community-based organizations versus international-based organizations in the realm of food aid programs. This research allowed her to incorporate her work with the Hatima Institute International, placing it in a broader perspective. She has accepted a position as a development associate for John Thomas Consulting, where she is already working closely with non-profits based in East Africa and India. 

Delany is excited to continue her Africa-focused work in her next venture as a Development Associate at Jon Thomas Consulting. She is eager to apply her academic expertise and passion for Africa to drive meaningful change.