Making a Team

by Jacob “Sticks” Hathaway

In 1901 the Detroit Tigers played their first official game. But what were they called before that? Well to my surprise there was two names volleyed from “The Detroiters” and even at one point “Wolverines” before they arrived finally to our beloved Detroit Tigers. I find a new appreciation for the legacy and heritage of the game each time I visit Comerica Park. There is a feeling of joy when the park comes alive, as the fans fill their seats and players take the field. In what will be the limits of experiencing nostalgic heritage every time for me. Each experience is familiar but never the same.

From one stadium to the next, The original field and stadium always reminisces with any fan whoever visited the old park. I wasn’t sure if the same energy would carry over and result in the same ballgame experience. Then it hit me! My arrival at a conclusion, that it isn’t the location of the arena or necessarily the name of the team.

I found a team energy and spirit amongst my team that night too: The Linkage Team.

With no plans of attending a game so soon I was called up! Along with other Linkage members. We assembled in multiple locations before making our journey to the magnificent stadium. Laid out before us was a special suite with food, drinks, and a ton of great energy. Also the time to reflect on the journey that got me to where I am, starting with PCAP and transforming with Linkage.

Once again I am humbled by the energy and special care that pours in and out of our PCAP and Linkage members. The staff are relentless in pursuing a space and opportunity for members to expand in positive growth while obtaining victory over the struggles of previous or current incarceration. It provided me with a welcoming sense to assembling back into any community. Just as a team.

I am pleased to introduce myself! Jacob is my birth name, which hasn’t changed. But I do go by “sticks” as many know me by that nickname (pen name).

I was born March 1986 and raised primarily in Lansing Michigan. Although I have lived as far as Salinas California and a few years in the Appalachian mountains of eastern Kentucky.

My career is in Machining. CNC operations and programming. I operate a machine that cuts at high speed and time is critical. Very meticulous and challenging at times but rewarding. I must say I love it foremost, although I do get frustrated with it. Can’t have the “ups” without the “downs”

Creative Writing was always my outlet when nothing else seemed to align in my life and the surrounding world. I was never a big kid in size. I wanted to play contact sports but my mom was afraid I’d get hurt. So I turned to words and definitions at a young age. to give myself an advantage in life if not being athletic. True power comes in the form of words. They are powerful and I intend to use them wisely.

My goals seem endless because I have set so many. I never intend to stop growing forward. So my goals are transformative in nature. I never make one goal without setting a contingency plan in the event of a setback. There will be many. Currently I am in college working towards my journeyman’s card in the machining industry.

I hope you live well.

“What’s done in the dark, will come to light”.


Article is made possible by the Linkage Community Journalism Initiative. Special thank you to David Barger & Ken Fischer for making this opportunity possible!

Release Date: 05/15/2024
Tags: Prison Creative Arts Project