About Us

Parker "Slug" Ayers, 2022

Founded in 1990 with a single theatre workshop, the Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP) has grown to include undergraduate courses, exhibitions, publications, a prison reentry arts program, and events that reach thousands of individuals each year. PCAP keeps incarcerated participants apprised of programs, events, and opportunities through our newsletter, which is sent to over 1,800 recipients three times a year.


The Prison Creative Arts Project brings those impacted by the justice system together with the University of Michigan community for artistic collaboration, mutual learning, and growth.

Core Values

  • We believe everyone has the capacity to create art.
  • We place human connection at the center of our process.
  • We join with community partners in the movement toward social justice through the arts.
  • We welcome all people who wish to join PCAP’s work into our community at the University of Michigan.
  • We recognize the power of diversity and of intersection between different parts of society to create learning opportunities.
  • We celebrate artists, writers, and performers at all skill levels and provide support for artistic growth.

Program Summary

Read more about PCAP's programs and impact.

PCAP Organizational Structure:
Linkage Community contact saraheve@umich.edu;
Literary Review contact chirp@umich.edu;
Exhibitions emilpede@umich.edu;
Workshops contact pcapexeco@umich.edu;
Leadership Committee contact pcapexeco@umich.edu;
Events contact saraheve@umich.edu or mheinen@umich.edu.