Many U-M faculty and graduate students participated in the German Studies Association 2019 conference October 3-6, 2019, Portland, Oregon. The complete program is online here.


Building Community: Approaches to Medieval and Early Modern Germany (sponsored by YMAGINA) 
Sessions 007, 141, 281
Professor Helmut Puff

The Nazi Legacy for Today's America
Sessions 034, 168, 308
Professor Johannes von Moltke

Football (Soccer) in German-Speaking Europe: History, Politics, and the Arts
Sessions 052, 185, 319
Graduate Student Pavel Brunssen

German-Speaking Women, Africa, and the African Diaspora
Sessions 056, 191, 325
Professor Kira Thurman



004. Aesthetics after Kant
Moderator: Professor and Chair Andreas Gailus

068. Reflections on the Meaning of Everyday Life: Commemorating the Work of Alf Luedtke (1943-2019)
Professor Geoff Eley

069. Re-Reading Peter Weiss's Aesthetics of Resistance (1)
Moderator: Professor Kerstin Barndt

Peter Weiss's Ruins of Empire
Professor Julia Hell

077. Turn of the Century Discourses on Modernity
Moderator: Domenic DeSocio

090. German Cinema in a European Context: New Approaches, Theories, and Challenges
Moderator: Mary Hennessy

098. Literature, Media, Form (1): Technology and Poetics (Faculty Summer Seminar Panel sponsored by DAAD)
Tape, Time, and Documentary in East German Literature of the 1970's
Associate Professor Tyler Whitney

118. Germany and Global Histories of Empire
Commentator: Professor Geoff Eley

123. Modern Women in a World of Possibilities
The Propulsive Augenblick of Hope: Annemarie Schwarzenbach's Eine Frau zu sehen and the Utopics of Queer Female Subjectivity in the Late Weimar Republic
Domenic DeSocio

154. Listening to Germany and Austria (2): Technologies of Listening (sponsored by the Music and Sound Studies Network)
Moderator: Assistant Professor Tyler Whitney

170. The State of Gender Studies in Modern German History (2): The Decline of Gender or Ready to be Reimagined?
Emily Gauld

227. German #MeToo: Representations and Realities of Sexual Violence, Abuse, and Harassment (3): Power: The Traumatic, Toxic, and Tragic
Moderator: Kathryn Holihan

231. Listening to Germany and Austria (3):Listening Across Borders (sponsored by the Music and Sound Studies Network)
Commentator: Assistant Professor Kira Thurman

245. Across the Borders of Text and Nation: Intertextuality and Intermediality in 20th- and 21st-Century Film, Art, and Exhibition Culture (Alumni Panel of the Berlin Program for Advanced German and European Studies)
Commentator: Professor Johannes von Moltke

264. Object Lessons on the Way to the Humboldt Forum
Commentator: Professor Kerstin Barndt

320. German #MeToo: Representations and Realities of Secual Violence, Abuse, and Harassment (4): Revisiting Lustmord
Moderator: Mary Hennessy

The Gendered Violence of Alfred Döblin's "Die Ermordung einer Butterblume"
Kathryn Holihan

358. Heinrich von Kleist: Literary and Aesthetic Legacies (2) 
Kleist and Hybridity
Andreas Gailus, Professor and Chair

369. Scribo, ergo sum: Selves in/as Texts Between 1500-1700 (sponsored by YMAGINA)
Commentator: Professor Helmut Puff