SWEA International, Inc. April 16, 2018

SWEA MAME (Middle Americas Region) awards Sean Cantrell USD 2 000  scholarship

Archeology/history student at University of Michigan is awarded USD 2 000 for research on the Vikings

SWEA MAMEs scholarship/travel grant 2018 has been awarded to Sean Cantrell, an undergraduate student in the Honors Program at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.  With this award, SWEA MAME wants to support his research for his thesis on the vikings at Gotland, Birka, Uppåkra and Uppsala this summer. Sean has been accepted at a field school on Gotland to dig out an old viking harbor.

The committee’s rationale

Sean’s required Honors Program thesis ”The rise and fall of hall culture before and during the Viking Age” demands in depth research that he has decided to conduct in Sweden. Sean has a strong academic record and a passion for Swedish and Scandinavian history.  He has studied the Swedish language for five semesters and is very competent in communicating verbally and in writing according to his professors.

Sean intends to continue studying early Swedish history and the Swedish language. He has a bright future and it is with joy and high expectations that SWEA MAME awards him this support.

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