Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures PhD alumna Mara Wade will lead the Renaissance Society of America (RSA). RSA, which has over 5,000 members, is the largest international learned society devoted to the study of the era 1300–1700. Wade, a professor of German languages and literatures at University of Illinois, will spend two years as vice president (2018-20), two years as president (2020-2022), and two years as past president (2022-2024). In an interview published by Illinois' College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Wade says that she will encourage RSA to "ensure that Renaissance studies, especially in fields like German, continues to be taught at leading universities, like the University of Illinois. Increasing fellowships at all levels, publication support, outreach, and public humanities will all increase the profile of Renaissance studies, within and beyond the academy."

Congratulations to Professor Wade!