Transit recently published translations from Selim Özdoğan’s novel Wieso Heimat? Ich wohne zur Miete by Milena Beltrama, Brittany Boyle, Brandon Cummings, Kristen Datta, Hannah Kelley-Watkins, Nathan Korth, Edward Kosta, Ted Ma, James Margard, Sydney McConnell, and Sabrina Walker. These students were all part of Assistant Professor Kristin Dickinson’s German 472 seminar “Un/Translatability in Theory and Practice” in Fall 2016. Özdoğan, then U-M’s Max Kade Writer in Residence, visited the seminar and worked with the students on their translations.  Read their translations here:

In addition to the students’ translations, Transit also published an introduction to the novel and an interview with Selim Özdoğan by Kristin Dickinson.