Associate Professor Andreas Gailus and Assistant Professor Kristin Dickinson both had articles published in New German Critique Volume 45, Number 2 (134).

Gailus' article, "Brains: Forms of Life in Gottfried Benn’s Rönne Novellas," focuses on Benn’s so-called Rönne novellas, written between 1914 and 1916, arguing that they record and enact the disintegration of body and subjectivity through a medical discourse that gives way to an experimental prose freed from the constraints of reference and meaning. The article is available here:

Dickinson's article, "Zafer Şenocak’s “Turkish Turn”: Acts of Crosslinguistic Remembrance in Köşk (The Pavilion)," asserts the act of translation in Zafer Şenocak’s 2008 novel Köşk (The Pavilion) reveals how modern Turkish has also enabled historical forgetting, in its assertion of a monolingual Turkish populace over and against the multiethnic and multilingual makeup of the Ottoman Empire. Read the full article here: