German 102

The German 102 Rollenspielwettbewerb was a lot of fun. There was lots of good German, creative ideas, and laughter. Congratulations to all nominated groups!  

The winners of the $200 first prize are Alexander Antonakis, Nicholas Hansen and Brendan Massey from Onyx Henry's 102.005 section for "Kultur fangen."

The winners of the second price are Olivianie Celina, Hailey Glushyn, Penny Peterson and Alicia Lawyer from Rhiannon Muncaster's 102.001 section for "Vorstellungsgespräch mit der bösen Stiefmutter."

The winners of the third prize are Usman Kahn, Ben Skupski, Michael Booth and Tim Mladenovic from Maria Measel's 102.003 section "In einer kleinen Kneipe."

German 232

Congratulations to all of the nominees on the excellence of their essays nominated for this semester's Kothe-Hildner prize competition for the best essay in German 232. It was a great set of essays, and a pleasure to read!

The winner of the $125 first prize is Scott Lautner from Mary Gell's course on German Comics and Graphic Novels, for "Bedeutung von dem Schwert."

The winner of the $50 second prize is Colton Karpman from Julie Gruber's course on German Theater, for "Das Tagebuch von Woyzeck."

The winner of the $25 third prize is Kevin Qing from Silvia Grzeskowiak's course on Short Texts, for "Der Schlag ans Hoftor (Kafka) aus der Sicht von Albert Jones."