Fred Amrine ~ Seminar Convener, “Science, Nature, and Art: From the Age of Goethe to the Present;” Commentator, “Goethe’s Integration of Art and Science”
Kerstin Barndt ~ “Scientific Collecting and the University Museum”
Maya Barzilai ~
Seminar Participant, “Jews and the Study of Popular Culture”
Jennie Cain
~ Seminar Participant, “Integrating Language, Culture, and Content Learning Across the Undergraduate German Curriculum”
Kathleen Canning ~ Seminar Convenor, “Democratic Subjectivities”
Kristin Dickinson
~ “Acts of Crosslinguistic Remembrance in Zafer Senocak’s Gefährliche Verwandtschaft and Kösk (Der Pavillion)”
Geoff Eley
~ Commentator, “Social Democracy and Labor Politics in 19th- and Early 20th-Century Germany”
Calder Fong ~ “Ferropolis – Die Stadt aus Eisen: Industrial Heritage, Nature, and Music in the Former GDR Mining Landscape”
Julia Hell
~ “The Imperial Topographies of Romantic Anti-Capitalism: Uwe Tellkamp’s Der Turm (2008) and Christa Wolf’s Stadt der Engel oder The Overcoat of Dr. Freud (2010)”
Mary Hennessy
~ “Retroubling Categories of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Dorris Dörrie’s Keiner liebt mich (1994)”
Biz Nijdam
 ~ “Comics in the Classroom: Teaching German Language, Culture, and History with Comics”
Ariana Orozco
~ “Camp Fires, Border Crossings, and The Materiality of Memory: Julia Franck’s East German Novels”
Scott Spector
~ Moderator
Kira Thurman
~ “Preaching to the Choir: African-American Celebrations of German Culture in the 19th Century;” Commentator, “Noisy Literature”
Naomi Vaughan
~ “Geographies of Violence and the Western Canon in Jonathan Littell and W.G. Sebald”
Johannes v. Moltke
~ Seminar Participant, “Democratic Subjectivities”
Silke Weineck
~ “The Irony Monster: First and Last Deity;” Commentator, “Sexual Metaphor”
Tyler Whitney
~ “Auditory Things: New Configurations of Sound and Space circa 1900”

Also attending the conference:
Katy Holihan
Danny Gronmeier
Hannah McMurray