The JFHP staff strive to provide culturally and linguistically competent care for the Japanese population currently residing in Ann Arbor and the Detroit Metropolitan area. Fluent in Japanese, he has also been instrumental in the introduction, preparation for, and teaching of, the concepts, skills and mission behind the specialty of family medicine for medical residents in Japan with a grant awarded to the U-M and the Department of Family Medicine titled the Shizuoka-University of Michigan Advanced Residency Training, Education and Research in Family Medicine (SMARTER FM). In addition, Dr. Fetters pursues the same educational goals as an adjunct professor and consultant to Shiga Medical University in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. An international expert in the methodology of Mixed Methods Research, Professor Fetters has taught multiple mixed methods workshops domestically and internationally in Canada, China, Denmark, Mexico, Japan, Qatar, and Thailand.

Japan-America Society of Michigan and Southewestern Ontario.