Number of Monroe credits that transfer toward the English major: 6

Take the prerequisite for the major.

  • There is not a Monroe course approved as equivalent to the prerequisite.  You will need to take it after you transfer.

Take two courses from the list below.

  • ENGL 255: Women’s Literature transfers as ENGLISH 215: Introduction to Women and Literature for 3 credits
  • ENGL 252: Introduction to Short Story and Novel transfers as ENGLISH 230: Introduction to Short Story and Novel for 3 credits
  • ENGL 251: Introduction to Poetry and Drama transfers as ENGLISH 240: Introduction to Reading Poetry for 3 credits
  • ENGL 267: British Literature: Anglo Saxon to 18th Century transfers as ENGLISH 260: Introduction to British Literature for 3 credits
  • ENGL 260: Introduction to Shakespeare transfers as ENGLISH 267: World of Shakespeare for 3 credits
  • ENGL 253: American Literature transfers as ENGLISH 270: Introduction to American Literature for 3 credits
  • ENGL 240: African American Literature transfers as ENGLISH 274: Introduction to Afro-American Literature for 3 credits
  • ENGL 266: Non-Western Literature transfers as ENGLISH 275: World Literature In English for 3 credits

Note: You can take more than two of these classes and they will transfer to count for your LSA degree as elective credit.  However, only two of the classes will count for the English major.

Number of credits that you will have to complete after transfer to complete the English major: 27

  • Prerequisite for the major: ENGLISH 298: Introduction to Literary Studies (3 credits)
  • 24 additional credits at the 300 and 400 level to include the following requirements:
    • Three courses on literature written primarily before 1900, at least one of which must be on literature written primarily before 1830, and at least one of which must be on literature written primarily before 1642
    • One course in American literature
    • One poetry course
    • One course designated "Identity and Difference"
    • Additional coursework to reach 30 total credits including the 6 credits transferred in

Completing General Degree Requirements as an English Major

  • Courses that transfer with the U-M subject ENGLISH cannot be used for Area Distribution for English majors. Therefore the following Monroe classes cannot be used for area distribution as they are listed on the General Degree Requirement Transfer Guide.
    • ENG 240, 251, 252, 253, 255, 260, 266, 267, 268 cannot be used to fulfill humanities distribution
    • ENG 261 cannot be used to fulfill creative expression distribution
  • First Year Writing Requirement (FYWR): ENG 152 can fulfill the FYWR for English majors.


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