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Thesis Defense Schedule

Date Time Location
Thesis Title
Karen Butt 3/7/23 10:30am

3096 East Hall

Closed geodesics and stability of negatively curved metrics Spatzier
Ursula Trigos-Raczkowski 3/8/23 1pm Coexistence through Life-History Variation: revisited in tractable models with explicit patch aging and/or size-structure Jackson & Ostling
Nick Wawrykow 3/10/23 10am

2058 East Hall (Psych)

Higher Order Representation Stability and Disk Configuration Spaces Wilson
Bradley Zykoski 3/13/23 10am

2058 East Hall (Psych)


 A Polytopal Decomposition of Strata of Translation Surfaces Wright
James Hotchkiss 3/13/23 3pm

2238 East Hall (Psych)

Hodge theory of twisted derived categories and the period-index problem Perry
Carsten Peterson 3/17/23 10:30am

3021 East Hall (Psych)

Quantum Ergodicity on Bruhat-Tits Buildings Spatzier
Brad Dirks



School of Ed Building 2225 Using Mixed Hodge modules to Study Singularities Mustata
Attilio Castano 3/27/23 3pm

Mason Hall 2437

passcode:  648229

A Berkovich approach to Perfectoid Spaces Jonsson
Sanal Shivaprasad 4/3/23 2pm

Weiser Hall 271

Meeting ID:  936 7341 3700

Passcode: thesis

Convergence of measures on non-Archimedean hybrid spaces Jonsson
Yuping Ruan 4/5/23 10am

Angell Hall 2163

Filling volume minimality and boundary rigidity of metrics close to a negatively curved symmetric metric Spatzier
Yueqiao Wu 5/1/23 10am

1084 East Hall

A non-Archimedean Approach to K-stability of Log Fano Cone Singularities Jonsson
Yili Zhang 5/30/23 1pm

4088 East Hall

passcode:  647236

Chris Zhang 6/28/23 1pm

4096 East Hall


Contact to obtain the passcode for defenses.