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CJS Courses

Courses offered by the Center for Japanese Studies

The Center for Japanese Studies not a formal teaching unit and offers only a limited number of courses under the subject division Japanese Studies (CJS).  These courses are taught by Center faculty and visiting scholars.

Note about course numbering: Courses at the 100-400 level are intended for upper division undergraduates and graduate students.  Courses at 500 level and above are intended for graduate students.

CJS 281: Study Abroad in Japan

This course is required for any student participating in a study abroad program associated with a course offered as part of the Center for Japanese Studies Japan Course Connections Program, which provides short term group travel opportunities that are thematically connected with a course in Japanese Studies. Students will attend meetings with the instructor leading the trip to discuss travel requirements, safety, cultural norms, and some basic language instruction when necessary. It is the goal of this course to prepare students for travel abroad and to increase their understanding of Japanese cultures through experiential learning.

CJS 450: Minicourse in Japanese Studies

This minicourse presents current topics, approaches, and methodologies related to Japanese studies. Disciplinary approach, themes and topics vary depending on the expertise and research interests of visiting faculty at the Center for Japanese Studies. Taught in English.

CJS 451: Topics in Japanese Studies

This seminar focuses on a subfield of Japanese studies in the humanities and/or social sciences and presents current topics, approaches, and methodologies. Disciplinary approaches, themes and topics vary by term depending on the expertise and research interests of the instructor. Generally taught by visiting faculty at the Center for Japanese Studies. Classes are taught in English and intended for juniors, seniors, and graduate students interested in Japanese studies.

CJS 591:  Independent Study in Japanese Studies

Students will pursue directed reading and/or research in Japanese Studies with a Center for Japanese Studies faculty member on topic(s) of study in consultation with the faculty supervisor.

CJS 592: Independent Study in Advanced Japanese Language

Independent language study in Japanese beyond courses regularly offered in the Japanese language curriculum through the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures. Supervised by Center for Japanese Studies faculty members and associates.

CJS 799:  Master's Essay in Japanese Studies

This course is used to fulfill the Master's Essay requirement for students in the Asian Studies: Japan Master's Program. Under the supervision of two faculty members from the Center for Japanese Studies, the student completes a substantial research paper reflecting interdisciplinary training and the ability to use western and Japanese language sources.

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