Congratulations to Logan Corey (RC 2013, Creative Writing) who recently received a Burkean Parlor Grant from the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing (NCPTW). Logan will travel to the 2013 NCPTW in November with group members, and current Sweetland Peer Tutors, Lauren Fitzgerald, Zeinab Khalil, and Zoe Kumagai to present their project "Clothes in our Community: Writer Identity and Self-Expression." More about the project:

Everyone who steps into a writing center, tutor or tutee, is a writer with a unique social identity, often expressed through their clothing. How do clothes influence the type of environment that a writing center creates for both the tutee and tutor? Should tutors (who are also writers!) be expected to conceal their identity through censorship of their appearance for the sake of the tutee’s comfort or should the writing center act a “contact zone”? "Our Community: Writer Identity and Self-Expression" is a workshop that centers around the role of self-expression through clothing in the writing center. Through anonymous interactions as well as group dialogue, participants are prompted to think critically about clothing, social identity, the writer, and whether there exist boundaries in terms of “appropriate” attire in the writing center.