Academic Writing in the Social Sciences & Humanities

Jamie L. Jones

January 27, 1-2:30 PM, Rackham West Conference Room 

This workshop is designed to help graduate students identify and meet the challenges of academic writing in the Social Sciences and Humanities.  This workshop will offer practical suggestions on how to: 

  • Contextualize, frame, and test an effective argument
  • Strengthen the structure of an argument
  • Identify writing conventions in your discipline
  • Situate your work within the existing scholarship of your field
  • Write with clarity and precision at the level of sentence, paragraph, and section
  • Solicit and respond to feedback from advisers and peers


This workshop will be useful for Social Science and Humanities graduate students writing seminar papers, dissertations, conference papers and articles. 

Jamie Jones teaches in the English Department, Lloyd Hall Scholars Program, and the Sweetland Center for Writing.