On October 10th at 7pm, in 2435 North Quad, please join Sweetland Center for Writing and the English Department Writing Program for a conversation and celebration of first year writing with past winners and sponsoring instructors of the Prize for Excellence in First Year Writing. 

Refreshments provided! Come learn and share your secrets for successful writing!


About How I Write: this series was started in 2010 as a joint effort of the English Department Writing Program, Sweetland Center for Writing, and the Undergraduate English Association. Each event features 2 or 3 speakers discussing their stories, frustrations, and triumphs of the writing process. Be sure to join in throughout the Fall Semester!

[All events 7pm, 2435 North Quad]

September 12
Evans Young (UM, Asst. Dean LSA)
... Lynn Carpenter (UM, Biology/MCDB/EEB)

October 10
English Department Writing Program & Sweetland Center for Writing Night - Featuring 2011 Excellence in Writing Winning Students & Instructors

November 14
Oran Hesterman (author "Fair Food Network")

December 12
Jeff Kass & Students (Pioneer High School, author)