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We look forward to hearing from you!
Please call us Monday-Friday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm EST.
General Inquiries email or call us, (734) 763-9698.

Student Services email or call us:
Exam Accommodations and Introductory Courses: (734) 764-5539
Transfer Credit, Undergraduate Registration, and Advising: (734) 936-0659
Graduate Students or Graduate Admissions: (734) 936-0658

U-M Physics comprises many collaborators who serve as facultyemeritusresearch scientistslecturersgraduate studentsresearch fellowsstaff and affiliates. Explore our
directory to learn more. 

James Allen
Professor Emeritus of Physics, Former Joachin M. Luttinger Collegiate Professor of Physics
Kuan-Wen Chen
Research Fellow
4484A Randall Lab
SB109 Homer A. Neal Lab (734-763-3053)
SB476, SB484 Randall Lab (734-763-8530)
Roy Clarke
Marcellus L. Wiedenbeck Collegiate Professor and University Diversity and Social Transformation Professor
4251 Homer A. Neal Lab
Labs: 1208, 1212, SB173 Homer A. Neal Lab
Steven Cundiff
Harrison M. Randall Collegiate Professor of Physics, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)
4231 Homer A. Neal Lab
Labs: SB106, SB115, SB271 Homer A. Neal Lab
Robert Deegan
Associate Professor of Physics and Complex Systems
324 West Hall
Lab: B408 Randall
Hui Deng
4416 Randall Lab
Lab: SB187 Homer A. Neal Lab (764.1975)
SB286 Homer A. Neal Lab (763.2472)
Stephen Forrest
Peter A Franken Distinguished University Professor of Engineering, Paul G Goebel Professor of Engineering, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Professor of Material Science and Engineering, and Professor of Physics
377 West Hall
Lab: 3268, 3269, 3287 Homer A. Neal Lab
Rachel Goldman
Maria Goeppert Mayer Collegiate Professor, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor of Physics, and Associate Director of Applied Physics
4209 Homer A. Neal Lab
Lab: SB225 Homer A. Neal Lab
Na Hyun Jo
Norman M. Leff Assistant Professor of Physics and Assistant Professor of Physics
253 West Hall
Cagliyan Kurdak
Professor, Director of Applied Physics
267D West Hall
Lab: SB206 Homer A. Neal Lab
Lu Li
257 West Hall
Lab: SB109 Homer A. Neal Lab (763.3053)
SB476, SB484 Randall Lab (763.8530)
Jens-Christian Meiners
Professor, Physics and Biophysics
4214 Homer A. Neal Lab
Labs: SB268 (764.2251) SB280, SB288, SB290 Homer A. Neal Lab
Roberto Merlin
Peter A. Franken Collegiate Professor of Physics, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)
4239 Homer A. Neal Lab
Labs: SB460, SB468, SB472 Randall Lab(764.6559)
Jennifer Ogilvie
Professor of Physics, Biophysics, and Macromolecular Science and Engineering
4223 Homer A. Neal Lab
Labs: 4440 (647.1191) Randall Lab, SB217 Homer A. Neal Lab (763.3412)
Bradford Orr
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Physics; U-M Associate Vice President for Research, Science and Engineering
267E West Hall 734.764.7013 (Fleming office) 734.936.3609 (Physics office)
Stephen Rand
Professor Emeritus of Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Applied Physics
Vanessa Sih
Professor of Physics
4420 Randall Lab
Labs: 1277 Homer A. Neal Lab (763.5749)
SB286 Homer A. Neal Lab (763.2472)
Duncan Steel
Robert J. Hiller Emeritus Professor of Engineering, Emeritus Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Physics, Applied Physics, and Biophysics
4235 Homer A. Neal Lab
Labs: SB408, SB424 Randall Lab (763.4482)
Ctirad Uher
C. Wilbur Peters Collegiate Professor of Physics
261 West Hall
Labs: SB214, SB224 Homer A. Neal Lab (763.3512)
Liuyan Zhao
Associate Professor of Physics
255 West Hall
Lab: SB255 Homer A. Neal Laboratory
(734) 763-8705