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Hub Internships

About Internships

Internships are short-term, professional development opportunities that enable students to: 

  • explore careers of interest 
  • develop specific skills 
  • apply their liberal arts education in a workplace setting
  • build professional networks
  • identify mentors
  • obtain professional references and job leads

LSA students intern in many different industries and work in a variety of roles both in the U.S. and abroad. Here are some of the positions LSA students have recently held:

  • Marketing Intern at IBM
  • Software Engineer at Target
  • Archaeological and Anthropology Excavation Intern in Greece
  • Intern at Canadian Parliament 
  • Legal Intern at Washtenaw County Trial Court
  • Research Intern at a University Research Lab
  • Volunteer Coordinator at Brilliant Detroit
  • Research & Analysis Intern at Kellogg Eye Center

Due to the emergence of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the majority of internships available today are virtual. That’s not to say they are any less legitimate or valuable as on-site internships. In fact, virtual internship opportunities exist in a variety of industries and organizations around the world. 

Through remote experiential learning and flexible hours, virtual internships allow students to remain committed to school, work, family, or other activities that can make leaving town for an in-person internship a challenge. It also allows students to continue to pursue career-building opportunities even when situations arise, like that of COVID-19, where the need for more remote working arrangements becomes prevalent. 

For more reasons why LSA students, such as yourself, should seriously consider a virtual internship, please read in-depth here for benefits of a virtual internship.

The Hub’s Internship Program

The Hub Internship Program offers a collection of high-quality, curated internships that are designed specifically for LSA students. These foundational opportunities are open to students at any stage in their undergraduate education and are paired with industry-specific programming and guided professional development to support excellence in the workplace.

We welcome applications from LSA students of all nationalities, ethnicities, races, abilities, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, religions, and statuses (first generation students, veterans, returning citizens, DACA recipients, caregivers, etc.).

Joining the program unlocks access to benefits throughout the internship process:

  • Support from an Employer Engagement staff member: We provide advice on how to identify opportunities and manage challenges during your internship, guide reflection to help document and shape your experience, and assist you with summarizing your achievements and identifying your next steps when the internship ends. 
  • Industry-Specific Knowledge: You’ll receive tailored guidance on how to navigate your field and become a standout intern. 

Who Qualifies?

All currently enrolled LSA undergraduates who will return in the semester following the internship are eligible to apply.

What are the program requirements?

How do I apply?

Before you apply to internships within the Hub Internship Program: 

  1. Review the Program Requirements (above). If you are unable to commit to these requirements it is best to apply to non-Hub internships.
  2. Consider meeting with a Hub Coach to ensure your resume, cover letter, and other application materials are up to date, properly formatted, and a strong representation of your experiences and accomplishments.

Available Hub Internship Program internships are listed on LSA Engage. Please scroll down below to find out more about LSA Engage and how to access it to explore and apply for internship opportunities.

Is there funding available?

We help you find the best internship for what you want to do, and then we help you afford it. need-based support is available for those who qualify—typically, more than $1 million in internship funding support is awarded to students! Scholarships cover costs like housing, professional clothing, and food.

See our funding page for more information on programs and scholarships tied specifically to funding.

Please note: accepting an internship through the Hub Internship Program internship doesn't guarantee a scholarship award.

What are timelines & deadlines to be mindful of?

Deadlines vary for each internship so please refer to the internship position listings on LSA Engage for more information.

In general, virtual internships are offered year-round in either single semester format (for a minimum of 6 weeks) or full academic year format:

Single Semester | Fall (Sept-Dec), Winter (Jan-April), Summer (May-Aug)

Full Academic Year | Fall-Winter (Sept-April)

U.S.-based, on-site internships are only offered from May to August.


Please note: As always, that posting positions does not imply the LSA Opportunity Hub’s endorsement of the position, opportunity, or employer described. Postings are shared because they may be of interest to the LSA community and should not be taken as indicating an expectation that students pursue internship experiences during Summer 2021 or at any time during the COVID-19 pandemic if doing so would be detrimental to student health or safety. Again as always, it is up to the individual to determine whether completing or hosting an experience is right for them, including – given the COVID-19 pandemic – any applicable travel and safety guidelines, the availability and viability of remote vs. in-person opportunities, and any other risks of participating in a given opportunity at this time

Searching and applying for internships

To view and apply to positions that are both part of the Hub's Internship program and outside it, please visit LSA Engage.

LSA Engage is an online resource for LSA undergraduate students who are searching for internships, jobs, and volunteer opportunities. LSA Engage provides access to both Hub sponsored and non-Hub sponsored internship and job opportunities.  Alums and employers across the world post positions there in an effort to seek talented and hard-working LSA students like you.

LSA Engage is accessible only to LSA students. 

The opportunities posted on LSA Engage are from employers seeking students pursuing a liberal arts education. It provides a centralized location to search and apply for positions, get in contact with employers, and access internships designed specifically for LSA students through the Hub Internship Program. Students can also use LSA Engage to register for Hub events.

1. First, login to LSA Engage.

Note: The platform is only accessible to undergraduate LSA students. If you are not a student but would like to learn more about the platform, visit our landing page here.

2. Second, click on the “Opportunities” tab and select “Search”

3. Use the “Position Type” filter and select any of the following options to view current listings:

  • Hub Internship Program - On-Site. This is to only view on-site,in-person internships that are part of the Hub’s Internship Program.
  • Hub Internship Program - Virtual. This is to only  view virtual internships that are part of the Hub’s Internship Program.
  • Internship (Non-Hub Program). This is to view all internships, both virtual and on-site, that are external to the Hub’s internship program.