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Post an Opportunity

The first step to recruiting talented LSA students is posting your internship in the LSA Opportunity Network. The Network is a database of internships that all 17,000+ LSA students can easily view and apply for. You can post the internship title, description, timeline, requirements, and more. By posting in the Network, you have the opportunity to recruit the most qualified candidates from a large pool of interested students.

How to Post an Internship or Full-Time Position

  1. Visit the LSA Opportunity Network page for employers.
  2. If this is your first time posting, register a new account. To post an internship immediately after registering, click “Register and Post Opportunity”. To register and post an internship later, click "Register".
  3. If this is not your first time posting, sign in to your account, then click "Create an Opportunity Listing".
  4. Complete all required fields, then click “Done”.
  5. You will receive the option to post at other schools. If you wish to expand your candidate pool, selecting "Post to More Schools" is a very useful tool. Please note that fees apply if you choose to post to other schools. Posting in the LSA Opportunity Network only is free!
  6. You will receive an email confirmation when your internship has been approved.

How to Manage a Posted Internship

Want to change or deactivate an internship you have posted? Follow these easy steps!

  1. Log in to your account via the "Log In" button above.
  2. Click "Internships".
  3. You will see a list of all internships you have posted.
    • If you wish to deactivate a posted internship so that you will no longer receive applications, click the "Deactivate" button next to the position you wish to deactivate. The position will no longer be visible to students or available for students to apply.
  4. Click the internship you wish to manage.
    • On this page, you can make changes to the posting and then click "Submit" to edit it while it is live.
    • If you wish to manage the applications for the internship, click the "Applicants" tab to see a list. You can select a status for each applicant so that you can easily remember if you have emailed them, if you are interested in the applicant, or if you need to review the application. Then, you can search applicants by the status you have set.
    • To see how the posting appears to students, click the "Preview" tab.

How to Manage Applications for an Internship

  1. Once logged in to your account, click the "Internships" tab.
  2. Click the "Applicants" tab.
  3. If you wish to narrow your search by internship, select the position in the drop-down "Position" menu.
  4. You will see a list of all applicants to the internship.
  5. Assigning a status: If you wish to mark that you have sent an email to an applicant, that you are interested in an applicant, or that you need to review an applicant, you can assign a status to help you manage your applications. You may either use the drop-down menu at the far right of the individual applicant line, or check the boxes for applicants you wish to set and then click "Set Status" to set in batch.
  6. Sending email: You can email applicants by checking the ones you wish to email, then clicking "Mail to Checked."
  7. Saving to Excel: Want to export the list of applicants to Excel? Click "Save as Excel" to generate a list.
  8. Download a PDF: You can download a PDF including as many or as few of the required documents that you requested, such as resumes, cover letters, etc, for as many applicants as you choose. This is handy for reviewing applications!

How to Post Opportunities at Other U-M Schools

Hire Blue is the University of Michigan portal to connect employers with the career services offices of every U-M campus and school/college. Click here to learn about the different options to post a full-time position in order to reach the various U-M populations.