Undergraduate students with an interest in biology will have an opportunity to experience scientific research first-hand by joining a research laboratory group in MCDB this summer.  No previous research experience is required.  Students will participate directly in a research project, as part of a team of scientists, learning new ideas and skills fundamental to biological science. 

Student interns are expected to commit to a full-time schedule, which could include one spring-summer class. In addition to their research project, interns will participate in program activities designed to introduce them to career opportunities in science. 

Eligibility (one or more of the following): 

  1. come from an educational, cultural or geographic background that is underrepresented in the scientific field of biology
  2. have experienced financial hardship as a result of family economic circumstances;
  3. are a first-generation U.S. citizen/resident or are the first generation in their family to attend a four-year college.

Several internships will be available. Preference will be given to rising sophomores and juniors.

Stipend: $5,000 for 12 weeks between dates of May 4-August 14.

Apply now!

Deadline: March 10, 2022


Photo credit: Shahana Chumki