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Dissertation Titles


Allison Kemmerle

The Peformance of Identity in Classical Athens



Timothy Hart

Beyond the River, under the Eye of Rome: Ethnographic Landscapes, Imperial Frontiers, and the Shaping of a Danubian Borderland


Zachary Hallock

Inclusion and Transparency: The Emergence of State Record Keeping in Republican Rome in the 4th Century BC



Tiggy McLaughlin

Christian Pedagogy and Christian Community in the Fifth- and Sixth-Century Mediterranean



Jessica Stephens

Aristocratic Identities in the Roman Senate from the Social War to the Flavian Dynasty


Garrett Ryan

Placing Power: Greek Cities and Roman Governors in Western Asia Minor, 69-235 CE



Jonathan J. McLaughlin

The Transformation of the Roman Auxiliary Soldier in Thought and Practice



Michael Leese

Economic Decision Making and Money-Making Strategies in Ancient Greece


W. Graham Claytor

Mechanics of Empire: the Karanis Register and the Writing Offices of Roman Egypt



Elizabeth Platte

Monks and Matrons: The Economy of Charity in the Late Antique Mediterranean



Jennifer Finn

Alexander the Great: Forming Political Identity in a Multicultural Empire

Jared Secord
Elites and Outsiders: The Greek-Speaking Scholars of Rome, 100 BCE- 200CE


Karen Acton
Vespasian Augustus: Imperial Power in the First Century CE

Claudia Arno
Going Native: How Romans Became ‘Roman’ in an Expanding World

Alexander Conison
The Organization of Rome's Wine Trade



Nathanael Andrade
Syria and its Margins: Cultural Identity in Late Seleucid and Roman Syria



Robert Chenault
Rome Without Emperors: The Revival of a Senatorial City in the Fourth Century CE


Dissertations Prior to IPGRH Creation

The following students were enrolled as Classical Studies graduate students before the creation of the Interdepartmental Program in Greek and Roman History

Adam Kemezis
The Roman Past under the Severans: Cassius Dio, Philostrartus and Herodian

Patrick Hogan
A Terrible Passion and a Marvelous Love: Greco-Roman Education and Elite Self-Presentation in the High Empire

Bernd Steinbock
Social Memory in 4th Century Athenian Public Discourse

Lauren E. Caldwell
The Female Transition to Adulthood in the Early Roman Empire

Kendra Eshleman
Neither Outside nor Inside: Becoming Heretical in Second-Century Christianity

John A. Lobur
Consensus and Concordia in the Formation of the Roman Principate and Their Resonance in Early Imperial Prose

Rosemary L. Moore
The Art of Command: The Roman Army General and His Troops, 135 BC-138 AD

Robert C. Caldwell III
Between State and Steppe: New Evidence for Society in Sixth-Century Southern Transjordan

Jeremy G. Taylor
Framing the Past: The Roots of Greek Chronography

David D. Phillips
Homicide, Wounding, and Battery in the Fourth-Century Attic Orators

Joseph L. Rife
Death, Ritual and Memory in Greek Society during the Early and Middle Roman Empire

Christopher L. H. Barnes
Tarentum Victum: Processes of Evolution

Stephen Rex Stem
Cicero and the Legacy of Cato Uticensis

John D. Muccigrosso
Factional Competition and Monumental Construction in Mid-Republican Rome

Kristina L. Milnor
Suis Omnia Tuta Locis: Women, Place, and Public Life in the Age of Augustus

Brian K. Harvey
The Nature of the Roman Monarchy in the Late First/Early Second Centuries A.D.: The Reigns of Nerva and Trajan to the Acquisition of Arabia

Clifford C. Ando
Communis patria

Michael L. Meckler
Caracalla and His Late-Antique Biographer: A Historical Commentary on the Vita Caracalli in the Historia Augusta

David D. Leitao
The "Measure of Youth": Body and Gender in Boys' Transitions in Ancient Greece

Geoffrey S. Sumi
Public Performances and Political Symbols: The Rise of Octavianus in 44 B.C.

Cynthia J. Bannon
Consors Mecum Temporum Illorum: Brothers in Republican Rome

James T. Kearney
Ammianus Marcellinus and his Roman Audience

Ellen A. Bauerle
Procuring an Election: Ambitus in the Roman Republic, 432-49 B.C.

Alexander D. Kurke
Theme and Adversarial Presentation in Cicero's Pro Flacco

John D. Dillery
Xenophon's Historical Perspectives

Thomas A. J. McGinn
Prostitution and Julio-Claudian Legislation: The Formation of Social Policy in Early Imperial Rome

Thomas Keith Dix
Private and Public Libraries at Rome in the First Century B.C.: A Preliminary Study in the History of Roman Libraries

Hermann S. Schibli
The Narrative of Politics: Julius Caesar and the Bellum Civile

John P. Bodel
64. Freedmen in the Satyricon of Petronius

Martha A. W. Baldwin (now Bowsky)
Fasti Cretae Et Cyrenarum: Imperial Magistrates of Crete and Cyrenaica During the Julio-Claudian Period

Dennis P. Kehoe
The Economics of Food Production on Roman Imperial Estates in North Africa

Robert W. Daniel
Greek Papyri From the Collections of Freiburg, Vienna and Michigan

Susan D. Martin
Building Contracts in Classical Roman Law

Mary Taliaferro Boatwright
Tacitus and the Wealth, Enrichment and Impoverishment of the Roman Upper Classes

Harold Y. McCulloch, Jr
Remedia Tardiora: Patterns of Devolution in the Annals of Tacitus

Shelley P. Haley
The Role of Amicitia in the Life of Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus

John Clayton Fant
The Curatores Rei Publicae in Italy from Their Inception to the Death of Commudus

Stephen D. Laruccia
The Concept of Peace in the Works of Tacitus

William E. Metcalf
The Cistophori of Hadrian

Robert W. Sawyer
An Analysis of the Political, Economic and Social Influence of Select Families of Colonial Pompeii