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Highlighted Courses

If you are searching for some interesting courses to add to your schedule, there are a number of English courses with space available. Below you'll find several courses worth considering. Where available, click on the "Course Description" link to view a detailed description or download the course flier. For a full listing of current courses, please visit the LSA Course Guide and/or the Schedule of Classes . You're always welcome to contact the English Department Undergraduate Office for more information. 734-764-6330 or

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Major Requirements (Con)

200-Level Introductory Courses


270.001: Introduction to American Literature

Instructor: Lyons, Scott Richard


290.001: Themes in Language and Literature | Utopia and Dystopia in Postmodern Society

Instructor: Mullaney, Steven

300-Level Courses

305.001: Exploring the English Language

Instructor: Curzan, Anne 


313.001: Topics in Literary Studies | Hitchcock and Modernity

Instructor: Freedman, Jonathan 


345.001: The New Essay

Instructor: Harp, Nicholas


345.002: The New Essay

Instructor: Pinto, James 


346.001: Performance Studies | Beckett in the Theater: Text and Performance

Instructor: Brater, Enoch 

350.001: Literature in English to 1660

Also Satisfies: (Con): Poetry, Pre-1642

Instructor: Cohen, Walter


360.001: The Rise of the Novel | Digital Tools for Novel Analysis

Also Satisfies: (Con): Pre-1830

Instructor: Silver, Sean 


364.001: The Contemporary Novel

Also Satisfies:(Con): American Literature

Instructor: Byers, Michael 


367.001: Shakespeare's Principal Plays: Elizabethan Era

Also Satisfies:(Con): Pre-1642

Instructor: Gregerson, Linda 


400-Level Courses

407.002: Topics in English Language and Literature | Literature and Human Rights 

Also Satisfies: (Con): New Traditions, Identity/Difference

Instructor: Hadji Bakara


408.001: Varieties of English

Also Satisfies: (Con): New Traditions, Identity/Difference

Instructor: Toon, Thomas 


415.001: Studies in Women and Literature | Feminism and the Literary Imagination (Aida Levy-Hussen)

Also Satisfies: (Con): American Literature, New Traditions, Identity/Difference

Instructor: TBD


440.001: Modern Poetry | Fear-less Verse: How To Read A Poem (A. Van Jordan)

Also Satisfies: (Con): American Literature, New Traditions, Poetry, Identity/Difference

Instructor: TBD


473.001: Topics in American Literature | Literature of the Midwest

Also Satisfies: (Con): American Literature, Upper-Level Writing Requirement

Instructor: Knuth, Aric