June 2020

Rahima Jamal

BA Communication and Media; Organizational Studies '22

Hometown: Wheaton, Illinois

Affiliations: Michigan Community Scholars Program, Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, Grace Girls' Education, Union Marketing Student Advisory Board

"As part of the Michigan Community Scholars Program, I have learned the importance of media and exposure to help those who are overlooked. Whether it be working with a nonprofit to expand their reach on social media or identifying ways in which a message can be positively spread through a platform, media, and the way we use it is so vital to helping others. As part of MCSP, I was exposed to new organizations the helped minority groups within our community and I saw that these organizations need more exposure on media platforms to spread their message and receive the help and aid they need. Through studying Communications and Media, I have learned how the messages of so many minority groups and organizations can be manipulated in a way that was not originally intended and this leads to misinformation as well as stereotypes. Through MCSP, I have been able to take a look at my privilege and how I can use my education and privilege to amplify the voices of these groups in media and on campus." 

Future Plans: This summer, I am working with multiple companies to rebrand their businesses and create new marketing strategies to reach a wider audience. In the future, I hope to implement what I have learned by developing local businesses in low-income neighborhoods in Chicago and helping them innovate their business strategies to reach a wider audience. I plan to assist those who are overlooked in the business industry by using my skills, experiences, and education.