April 2020

Mackensie Freeman

BA Communication and Media; minor Digital Studies; minor Performing Art's Management & Entrepreneurship '21

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Affiliations: I am on the E-Board for the Michigan Communication and Media Professionals (MCMP), where I serve on the Education Committee as well as Peer Advisor. I am also a member of DPHiE and am our Alumni Chair. Additionally, I am Co-President of Students for Holocaust Awareness, Remembrance, and Education (SHARE), as well as a Student Ambassador for Undergraduate Admissions. Outside of Michigan, I am a member of GRAMMY U. I am also currently interning for the Marketing & Communications Women of Atlanta Facebook Group, and I am the manager for a crossover jazz/soul musician, Hannah Baiardi, who graduated from Michigan in 2018.

"One of my favorite experiences within the Michigan Communication and Media department has been my participation with the Michigan Communication and Media Professionals (MCMP). Oddly enough, I actually wrote about wanting to get involved with the organization in my "Why Michigan?" essay, and I was so excited to have received a position on the E-Board at the end of my freshman year. I am currently on the Education Committee, and I also serve as Peer Advisor. Getting to help other students with their resumes/cover letters, LinkedIns, course selections, and overall just general guidance about the major, has been an eye-opening experience for me. I'm really honored to be a representative for the major, and I've enjoyed being able to give back to the community. Not so long ago, I was in the same boat as many students -- unsure how to create a LinkedIn, write a resume, etc., and I want to help others the same way others have helped me."

Future Plans: I'd love to have a job where I can bridge my passion for communication/media with entertainment. A job in the music industry would be incredible, and I'm interested in PR, branding, and possibly management. I'm not completely set on this, though; I interned at a lifestyle PR agency in Atlanta last summer and loved it, so I think I'd be happy with doing plain PR that is lifestyle/entertainment oriented. The cool thing about the communications industry is that there are so many things you can do, and I really just want to take advantage of every opportunity and become as knowledgeable as possible.