On April 22, the Department of Astronomy hosted a virtual poster session in GatherTown, highlighting the research of our undergraduate students. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Astronomy and the hard work of our students. We want to thank all of those who attended and presented their posters.

A list of the poster session participants, as well as links to their posters can be found below!


Lucas Brefka 
The Evolution of Multiplanetary Systems With Misaligned USP Planets

Ziying Chen
Visualization of X-ray scattering halo caused by the dust grain alignment in the Galaxy from interstellar magnetic fields

Matt Dallas 
Isolation of Classical Oe/Be Stars as Evidence of Binary evolution

Tanvi Deshmukh 
Studying the Influence of Bars on the M − σ Correlation

Carter Fox 
An Analysis of the Relation Between Strong Gravitational Lensing Strength and the Physical Properties of Galaxy Clusters

Javier Guerrero 
Searching for Interstellar X-ray Scattering Clouds

Rebecca Guilfoyle 
Rotational Kinematics of the Galactic Dark Matter Halo Through the Lens of Stellar Streams

Abbey Guilliat 
Exploring Ultra-Hot Jupiters with 3D Atmospheric Models

Samantha Kasbohm 
X-raying the Milky Way: Building a Database of X-ray Lighthouses

Audrey Lang 
Comparing detailed abundances within groups of highly r-process-enhanced Stars in the halo of the Milky Way

Jimmy Lechtner 
Comparing the Spectra of 1A 0535+262 at Different Pulse Phases

Christopher Liu 
Identifying and Characterizing Low-mass Binaries in the Orion Nebula Cluster

Miranda McCarthy 
HI gas and star formation efficiency around the M81 group

Joshua Messe
Determining the Effect of Stellar Spots on Stellar Spectra

Michael Messere 
Galactic Leftovers Within the M81 Group: Understanding the Past Interactions using the Resolved Helium Burning Stellar Population

Jiaming Pan 
Globular Cluster Candidates in a Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) survey of the M81 group

Marlee Rapp 
NASA TESS Mission: Eclipsing Binaries Among Herbig Ae/Be Stars

Nabeel Rehemtulla 
Mapping Dark Matter: Non-Parametric Spherical Jeans Mass Estimation with B-Splines

Adam Scovera 
The ARMADA survey at CHARA and VLTI: Updated Long-Period Binary Orbits

Josiah Sherk 
In-situ Candidates in the Stellar Halo of NGC 253

Dante Vozza 
Current X-Ray Observations of Hot Jupiter Hosts

Ryan Walker 
Characterizing Black Hole Binary Outbursts

Matthew Wanink 
Transient and Variable Sources in the Gaia and Chandra Catalogs

Drew Weisserman 
A Dynamical Analysis of the Kepler-80 System of Six Transiting Planets