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Anthropology Major Requirements & Checklist

Anthropology Major

Effective Fall 2016

Prerequisites to the major:
None, but ANTHRCUL 101 is recommended.

Requirements for the major:
At least 34 credits at the 200-level or above are required. Choose at least one course in each of the following subfields:

1. Anthropological Archaeological

  • ANTHRARC 282 Doing Archaeology: Essential Theory and Methods (4)
  • ANTHRARC 386 Early Civilizations (4)

2. Biological Anthropology

  • ANTHRBIO 201 How Humans Evolved (4)

3. Linguistic Anthropology

  • ANTHRCUL 272 Language in Society (4)
  • ANTHRCUL 374 Language and Culture (4)

4. Sociocultural Anthropology

  • ANTHRCUL 222 The Comparative Studies of Culture (4)
  • ANTHRCUL 226 Introduction to Historical Anthropology (3)
  • ANTHRCUL 230 Fundamentals of Social Theory (4)
  • ANTHRCUL 330 Culture, Thought, and Meaning (4)

Other credits are taken from ANTHRARC, ANTHRBIO, or ANTHRCUL courses with a minimum of four courses at the 300-level or above, at least one of which must be at the 400- level.

At least 20 credits must be completed in residence at the University of Michigan. A maximum of 6 credits of independent research can be counted toward the major.

Note that the University does not permit more than 60 hours of coursework in the major. Courses in the major do not count toward your general degree distribution.

Recommendations for majors whose main interest is in a particular sub-field:

A) Anthropological Archaeology

For students primarily interested in anthropological archaeology, we strongly recommend taking the following sequence of courses:

  1. Anthrarc 282: Doing Archaeology: Essential Theory and Methods
  2. Anthrarc 385: Archaeology of Early Humans
  3. Anthrarc 386: Early Civilizations

The goal of these three courses is to give students a general introduction to anthropological archaeology and an overview of world prehistory. In addition to these three courses, students are encouraged to take at least two area courses: one that examines the archaeological record in the New World and one focused on the Old World.

B) Linguistic Anthropology

  1. Anthrcul 272: Language in Society
  2. Anthrcul 374: Lauguage and Culture
  3. At least one other 400-level linguistic anthropology course

C) Students primarily interested in Sociocultural Anthropology

For students primarily interested in sociocultural anthropology, we strongly recommend at least one course in each of the following categories:

  1. Regional courses
  2. Topical courses
  3. Theory/Method courses

Classes are divided by category in the Undergrad Courses by Subfield handout available in the department or on the department website here.