Writing 630 is designed for graduate students who are thinking about ongoing writing projects that are essential to a student’s success, but are not part of the dissertation: a prospectus, a conference paper, or an article for publication. Ideally, projects will be started and completed during the course. This class focuses strongly on writing activities, peer-reviews, and the revision process. There will be a humanities class time on Mondays 11am-noon and a natural/social science class time on Tuesdays 11am-noon. If you plan to work on your dissertation, please consider applying to Writing 631.

Writing 631 is designed for doctoral students who want to complete one (or more) chapter(s) of their dissertation, while gaining self-awareness as writers. The class engages doctoral students in improving their dissertation writing process, as well as in developing practices that they can apply to writing beyond the Ph.D. The format combines class activities and discussions with “just write” sessions that allow students to focus on writing. Class time will be in-person Fridays 11:00-12:00. If you are not working on your dissertation yet, but on your prospectus or an article for publication, please consider applying to Writing 630.

Permission of the Sweetland Center for Writing is required to register for either course. These courses do not provide intensive language study for multi-lingual speakers.

Applications are due by end of day Sunday, November 6, 2022.

Decisions will be made and students notified by Monday, November 21, 2022.

Please send all questions to Laura Schuyler, scw-executiveassistant@umich.edu