The Fellows Seminar offered during the winter term is designed to bring together faculty (Senior Fellows) and graduate student instructors (Junior Fellows) who share a commitment to integrating writing in their courses.

Seminar participants meet on Fridays from 1-3pm. Senior Fellows share course syllabi and information about the teaching of writing, confer with visiting experts, and discuss teaching and writing with colleagues across disciplines. Junior Fellows develop and share course syllabi, confer with visiting speakers, and discuss approaches to incorporating writing across the disciplines in order to prepare a First-Year Seminar that meets the First-Year Writing Requirement.

Senior Fellows participate in cross disciplinary conversations about integrating writing into their teaching so that they can offer courses that satisfy the Upper Level Writing Requirement.  They receive $4000 in a research account for participating in the Seminar.

Junior Fellows receive a stipend of $1000 during Winter Term 2017 for participating in the Seminar. In Spring/Summer Term 2017, Junior Fellows meet with Anne Gere to develop their syllabi, and they participate in the English Department Writing Program orientation in August. For this work they receive a summer stipend of $4000. In Fall Term 2017, Junior Fellows teach one section of English 125 (a four-credit writing course on a topic related to their discipline and a teaching circle) and are supported by a .50 GSI fraction. During this term they enroll in English 993, a series of meetings in which they discuss their teaching with other instructors.

The Fellows Seminar is supported by the College of Literature, Science & the Arts, the Rackham Graduate School, and the Sweetland Center for Writing.