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Listen to #theRCPodcast & learn about the RC


Here is a sampling of the available episodes of the RC Podcast. Check 'em out and if you want to hear more, head over to the RC Podcast page. 

Episode 23: Student-facilitated learning spaces at U-M: RC Forums

“You get to meet up once a week and you get to cook food and you get to do it for credit. What sounds better than that?”... “When else are you going to have this opportunity where a world class university is giving you credit on your transcript to talk about sex with your peers? When does that happen?” - Zach Shulkin, fourth-year student, and Sophia Fortunato, second-year student

Episode 24 - Being STEM in the RC, imposter syndrome, and meeting RC people everywhere 

19:33: "Don't doubt your ability to go through hard things. Because you're going to go through a lot of hard things, whether they be bad grades, not getting interviews, not hearing back from interviews. You will get through it. You will find your path if you stay true to your passions. ... But if it's not your thing, there is no sense in trying to push a square peg into a round hole. Be yourself. Be your beautiful, authentic self and do whatever fulfills you, not what someone else thinks you should be or what you feel pressured to be." - Maeve Pascoe, RC class of 2018

Episode 22: The RC Social Theory and Practice (STP) Major

02:01: "I think it's a special time when one is in college to really embrace and explore those impulses, which sometimes can be more difficult to explore later on in your career. This is the moment to sort of seize that and take I think full advantage of both being in a community like the Residential College and an amazing R1 university where you can take courses with the best scholars in all sorts of fields. And I think that's part of what's special about STP is you can take classes all around the university and apply that and bring that together in your major." Jane Lynch, Head of STP

Episode 9: Dhani Jones, RC alum '00, on Being a Pro Athlete, Entrepreneur, and Quintessential RC Thinker

07:59: “My mom, Nancy Jones, she was in the Residential College, and she just thought the environment would be a little bit more appropriate for my style of learning, my type of behavior and my type of thinking. A little bit more free-ranging, out of the box, extremely creative, to her point, and less enforced rules, right?”

Episode 14: Semester in Detroit at its 10th Anniversary

10:45 “So there are three main components to the Semester in Detroit program. The first is, students have to live in the city. This is critically important and perhaps obvious to everybody, but perhaps not. Being there, living there, shopping there, moving around the city. Experiencing the city on your own terms is fundamental important part of the program. Number two is to take coursework and to be in classes and to be doing study about the city. And that's not only in courses, but it's centered and based in courses and every student who does our program, takes whether that's in the spring program, a full load up to nine credits and the fall version of it, it would be between 13 and 16 credits. The third part of the experience is the community based internship, which in a sense is the primary practice aspect of the experience.” Craig Regester, Associate Director

Episode 3: Shakepeare in the Arb's Romeo and Juliet

19:56 “The way that you have to move in the Arb is very different because you can be seen all the time and the audience is moving from scene to scene. We go in different places in the Arb, it’s not a stagnant piece. You’re going up hills, you’re going behind trees and you have to be more in character all the time. Even when you’re exiting, you can be seen through the trees and you have to always be on it.” Rachel Thursby, one of two actors playing Juliet


Want to hear more? Check out the RC Podcast page or find us on Spotify, Apple, or your preferred app.