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Preparing for Graduate School

Attending graduate school can be a good option when your career interests are not offered at the undergraduate level, you hope to gain further specialization in a field, or you had a pre-professional course of study such as pre-med, pre-law, or pre-social work.

A common misconception among Psychology and BCN students is that they can only pursue a graduate degree in the same field or one directly associated with their major. Some students don't realize that they can pursue graduate degrees in fields such as business, public policy, information, and many others. 

We do strongly advise against going into a graduate program because you aren't sure what you should do next. To avoid spending unnecessary money and time, meet with a Major Advisor, Opportunity Hub Coach, or Career Center Advisor to talk discuss your options.  

2016-2017 Alumni Educational Plans

Survey data was collected through exit surveys with graduates from December 2016, April and August 2017. There were 849 Psychology and BCN students eligible for graduation and our survey response rate was 581. Numbers listed above (n=) are the number of students who answered this question on the survey. Any questions can be directed to

2015-2016 Alumni First Destination Survey

Survey data was collected by the University Career Center. There were 801 Psychology and BCN majors whose degrees were conferred December 2015, April and August 2016, and and the survey response rate for this question was 293. Any general questions can be directed to, any survey specific questions can be directed to