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What is the LSA Opportunity Hub?

The LSA Opportunity Hub helps students connect their liberal arts education to their aspirations and goals by connecting them to internships and funding, alum mentors, employer engagement, and coaching.

The Hub is a dynamic set of programs and internship opportunities, located in the LSA Building at 500 South State Street on U-M’s Ann Arbor campus. The Hub works In collaboration with the LSA and University communities to encourage students to engage in challenging and diverse opportunities across their academic experiences and beyond to inspire their self-discovery.

A liberal arts education develops essential skills and capacities that are increasingly valuable in a complex, interconnected world. It encourages students to think deeply and collaboratively, and to confront complex problems that don’t lend themselves to easy answers. Students learn to analyze, communicate, and persuade. They see the world from many perspectives and solve problems with a nuanced sense of context. In a global economy where jobs and entire industries appear and disappear in the course of a decade, liberal arts majors can not only adapt to change, but also lead it. The LSA Opportunity Hub fosters the experiences that create this learning—it connects students with resources inside and outside the University that help them intentionally engage in shaping their goals from the moment they enter the University of Michigan.

How is the LSA Opportunity Hub different from a career center?

The Hub works in two unique ways. First, from the day LSA students begin their undergraduate education, the Hub helps them understand how their classroom learning connects with their aspirations for their lives and careers. Second, the Hub facilitates students’ connections with U-M’s incredible resources, both on campus and off. It connects them with the University of Michigan community, offering access to internships, funding, coaching, employer engagement, and alum mentor partnerships so that students can engage in challenging and diverse opportunities for growth.

Who can use the Opportunity Hub?

The Hub is designed for LSA’s liberal arts majors. The Hub also operates in partnership with other schools, colleges, and units on particular projects, such as the India Internship Initiative, a collaboration with U-M’s College of Engineering, and others.

What resources will be available to me as an LSA student?

  • U.S. and international internships
  • Scholarship funding for internships
  • Applied Liberal Arts courses that enhance students’ academic work with courses such as internship and career interest exploration, presentation skills, and professional writing
  • Mentorship from alums
  • Employment and recruiting opportunities
  • Coaching through all four years at LSA

Is the Hub just for juniors and seniors?

The Hub is for all LSA students. In fact, we encourage students to stop in as early as possible in their academic career to begin discovering the doors that a liberal arts education will open for them.

I am an employer. How can I get involved?

LSA students have so much to offer, and we are always looking for great employers as partners.

  • If you offer internships, join the dozens of organizations in the LSA Opportunity Network.
  • Come to campus to meet with students. The new Hub facility will have comfortable areas for interviews and meetings. 
  • Mentor students in person or over the phone.

When will the Hub be open?

The Hub is open now, offering more than 1,800 internships, need-based scholarships for internships, alum mentoring, and links to U-M career resources. It is located on the second floor of the LSA Building at 500 South State Street in Ann Arbor.

Among the services we offer LSA students is the quickly growing LSA Opportunity Network. This connects students to outstanding internship experiences both nationally and internationally, as well as funding for those internships, ensuring that these important experiences are accessible to all students regardless of their financial situation.

LSA Building renovations will create a larger space for the Hub, including classrooms and conference rooms, and space for interviews and recruitment events. Groundbreaking will be in late 2017.

Where will the Hub be located?

The Hub currently resides in offices on the first floor of the LSA Building. After extensive renovation of the building, slated to take place between late 2017 and 2019, the Hub will expand on the first and some areas of the second floors. It will be a large, open space, with extended access to collaborative areas for students, and it will serve as the “front door” to the College--a community space for LSA students, faculty, staff, alums, and employers. Students can access resources, study, or meet friends, alumni, or professors.

Do I have to go to the Hub? Can I access any of the resources online?

Although we encourage students to stop by the Hub space, there will be a number of resources available to them no matter where they are. Visit the Opportunity Hub website today to learn more, make appointments, and search opportunities.

Does any other university or liberal arts college offer something like this?

We believe that the Hub is uniquely comprehensive in its approach to connecting liberal arts students—from their first day on campus—to opportunities outside of the classroom, including internships and funding for those internships, mentorships, employment, and skills building.

How does the Hub further the College’s Strategic Plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

It’s no secret that internships help students foster important relationships that they use to find fulfilling post-graduation experiences. However, many students can’t afford to participate in or travel for an internship instead of working.

The Hub will make it possible for students from all backgrounds to have access to internships by connecting them to funding and scholarships. Financial support from the Hub means LSA students don’t have to choose between earning money and gaining the important skills and connections provided by an internship.

Where can I learn more about the Hub?


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