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Letters to Faculty and Instructional Staff


To:        LSA Faculty and Instructional Staff

From:    Esrold A. Nurse, Assistant Dean                

Date:     August 30, 2017

Re:        LSA Undergraduate Student Academic Policies, Fall 2017


I am writing to welcome all instructors to the start of a new academic year. As always, the return of students to campus represents an exciting time. LSA Student Academic Affairs offers instructors a broad range of support in the shared goal of creating a rewarding learning environment for students across the College. We know many positive experiences will occur this semester, but we also recognize that challenges may emerge as well. If you have any questions about student-related issues, please contact my office at 734-764-7297.

To help you understand College policies and procedures, the Office of the Assistant Dean produces the Handbook for Faculty and Instructional Staff. This online handbook provides detailed information about College policies on class attendance, exams, grading, and a range of other topics relevant to instructors in LSA. Included in the Handbook this year is updated information regarding a new Instructor-Student Agreement for Finishing an Incomplete Course form as well as information concerning accommodations for students with verified disabilities. The online handbook also provides information regarding the new online petition process for exceptions to LSA degree requirements.

LSA Faculty are expected to follow the Examination Schedule, per LSA Faculty Code which states: "The official examination schedule should be followed; and the instructor may not depart from the schedule." The Final Exam Schedule is posted on the website of the Office of the Registrar: Dean Martin’s memo to LSA Faculty dated February 20, 2017 states:

"My expectation for this term and beyond is that the LSA Faculty will adhere to the university-established calendar for finals. Please also avoid using the last day of classes as a de facto exam day. Whatever we call these sessions, they too can lead to difficulties for students who are then not able to utilize the university study days, and in so deprives students of class period that would be otherwise devoted to instruction."

One important function of the Office of the Assistant Dean is the adjudication of instances of academic integrity in the College. All cases of alleged academic misconduct should be sent to our Office. Please contact 764-7297 or for guidance when confronted with possible academic misconduct. I would recommend adding a statement on your syllabus outlining your expectations for academic integrity and--as time permits--to spend a few minutes at the beginning of the term to highlight these expectations.

An important tool that instructors can use to communicate directly with students and their advisors about a student’s academic progress is the Undergraduate Academic Progress Report. We will send a reminder near the middle of the semester to ask you to submit information on the academic progress of students, particularly for students who are not performing well. However, a report can be submitted at any time during the semester if you have concerns about a student’s academic progress.

Finally, please note the following important dates for students:


Monday, September 25 

Last day of the regular drop/add period (no "W" for drop)

Last day to elect a course as pass/fail

Monday, October 2

Deadline to submit Incomplete ("I") for from Winter, Spring, 

and Summber 2017


October 16 & 17

Fall Study Break
Friday, November 10 Late drop/add final deadline


November 23 & 24

Thanksgiving Recess
Tuesday, December 12

Last Day of Classes

Note: final grades are due within 72 hours after the final exam.

It may be helpful to save a copy of this message so that you have the links to our many online resources, as well as contact information for LSA Student Academic Affairs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact my office.

Best wishes for a successful semester!