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LSA Finance Quarterly Update

in this issue

  • LSA Staffing Updates
  • Updated Policies 
  • Effort Certifications
  • Procurement Newsletter
  • SSC Updates
  • Team Picture

LSA Staffing Updates

LSA Finance would like to introduce the following staff that have joined our team this last quarter.

Mandy Barnes-Contract and Grant Specialist
Linda Chadwick- Director of Research Administration
Teresa Gorowski-Contract and Grant Specialist
Don Kachman-Research Process Coordinator
Melissa King-Business Analyst
Amy Lingle-Contract and Grant Specialist
Jennifer Martin-Contract and Grant Specialist
Mary Pawloski-Contract and Grant Specialist
Melanie Robinson-Business Analyst
Jeanine Tsang-Contract and Grant Specialist

New or Updated Policies and Guidelines

Effort Certifications

Effort certification for FY'16 are now past due. Please make sure that everyone in your unit has completed their effort certification. Corrections for FY ’16 DBEs may be made via the HR system up until 10/31/16. Please contact your business analyst with questions.

UM Procurement Newsletter

SSC Update

Enhancements to Journal Entry Processing

In response to helpful feedback from you, we are pleased to share that the following enhancements to journal entry processing have been implemented:

  • Journal headers will include the where, what, and why per the Journal Entry Guidelines unless a journal header is provided by the requester.
  • Journal line descriptions will identify the specific expense being moved or provide details about the funding being transferred unless specific journal line descriptions are provided by the requester.
  • All journals moving expenses will have a statement of activity attached as supporting documentation.
  • If the request to process a journal entry is not clear based on the information provided within your case, the Accounting Customer Service team will reach out to you (the requester) for clarification to ensure the transaction is processed correctly.

Team Picture

Some members of Team LSA participated in the Mstaff 200 photo event celebrating the ongoing UM bicentennial celebration. A good representation of the team!