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Contact List

Linda Kentes, Senior Manager Academic Affairs
2155 LSA Bldg.

  • Operational issues for faculty Academic Affairs and supervision of Academic Affairs staff
  • Administrative oversight for Executive Committee and Divisional Evaluation Committee – promotions, recruitment,  appeals, external reviews
  • Departmental external reviews
  • Grievances and faculty personnel matters
  • Academic Affairs initiatives
  • Liaison to LSA Divisional Associate Deans

Lauren Stier, Administrative Assistant Sr.
2149B LSA Bldg.

  • Scheduling for Senior Manager, Academic Affairs
  • C&D Brown Bag Meetings
  • Administrative support for Academic Affairs team
  • Academic Affairs newsletter
  • Support for LSA Graduate Education

Robyn Nolan, Executive Secretary
2149 LSA Bldg.
(734) 647-2762

  • Administrative liaison for Divisional Evaluation Committees (DEC) for Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences
  • Applicant pool reports, Race/Ethnicity/Gender survey requests, and campus visit reimbursement approvals for prospective faculty
  • Website content management for faculty Academic Affairs

Michele Burns, Executive Secretary 
2113 LSA Bldg.

  • Administrative support and scheduling for Associate Deans of Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences
  • Departmental external reviews
  • Faculty retentions

Kathe Harrison, Senior Academic Administrative Specialist
2152 LSA Bldg.

  • Policies and procedures for recruitment of instructional faculty and LEO lecturer IIIs, additional instructional appointments for existing faculty (wet or dry), fractional shifts in instructional appointments, third-year reviews of tenure-track faculty, family-friendly policies, leaves, and reviews of LEO lecturers III and IV
  • Review request for new instructional appointments, additional/shifts in appointment, and promotions
  • Approval of tenure-track and LEO lecturer III offer letters and memoranda of understanding (MOUs)
  • Request Provost funding for Faculty Expansion Program positions
  • Regents communications
  • Review and revise web content

Mandy Harrison, Academic Human Resource Specialist
2150 LSA Bldg.

  • Administrative liaison for Executive Committee – promotions, recruitment, appeals, external reviews
  • Notification of Executive Committee actions
  • Review of recruitment, promotion, and lecturer renewal case materials
  • Approval of modified duties and delays of tenure requests
  • Approval of leaves for instructional faculty (sabbatical, duty off-campus, scholarly activity, leaves without salary)
  • Sabbatical equity computation and sabbatical exception requests

Alicia Simon, Dual Career Program Coordinator
2158 LSA Bldg.

  • Dual career partner assistance
  • Provost funding for dual career hires
  • Provost commitment funds – PFIP
  • Policy and procedure review and development