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Natural Selections, print newsletters

Fall 2021, (Download PDF)

  • Pivot! Pivot! Unexpected challenges, lessons learned and where we (think we) are now
  • Chair's column
  • Faculty feature: Sanders seeks to unravel causes and consequences of biodiversity
  • Faculty feature: Classen Lab focuses on climate and global change
  • Millions of EEB Museum specimens digitized for worldwide online access
  • EEB Photographer at Large Contest 2020 

Fall 2020, (Download PDF)

  • The many facets of COVID-19 research in EEB
  • Chair's note
  • New faculty feature: Monarch migration mysteries under the microscope, André Green
  • Grad student feature: Elusive bats hold clues to aid conservation efforts, Giorgia Auteri
  • Changing of the chairs: Wittkopp assumes leadership role
  • Alum profile: Zemenick seeks to make biology more inclusive, Ash Zemenick
  • EEB Photographer at Large Contest 2019

Fall 2019, (Download PDF)

  • EEB photo for the ages
  • An eye toward conservation of natural communities in diverse ecosystems, María Natalia Umaña
  • Pioneering research: studying life in silico and in vivo, Luis Zaman
  • A fascination with neotropical fish diversity, evolutionary history and conservation, Hernán López-Fernández
  • Photo contest highlights 2018

Fall 2018, (Download PDF)

  • Biological Sciences Building brings EEB into 21st century
  • Chair's note
  • BSB and Museum of Natural History dedication
  • Photo Contest highlights 2017


  • Our grads rock: A LOUD "GO BLUE" HAIL! Our 2020-2021 graduate student award celebration
  • Research feature | Snails carrying the world's smallest computer help solve mass extinction survivor mystery
  • BioBlitz Committee wins inaugural EEB JEDI Award
  • Alumni News | West-Eberhard awarded 2021 Linnean Medal for Zoology
  • Fall 2021 seminar schedule is forthcoming
  • New Biosciences Initiative award recognizes mid-career excellence 
  • Science Fun Fact | The invisible roles of color

May 2021

  • Our grads rock! EEB grads score three coveted NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
  • Research feature | Biodiversity protects bee communities from disease, U-M study concludes
  • New crowdsourced project to digitize Michigan lake and fish records, looking for climate trends
  • Alumni news | Alums' international collaboration discovers new floral bacteria, and honors late Professor Emerita Beverly Rathcke
  • First virtual Early Career Scientists Symposium attracts broad worldwide audience
  • U-M biologist eager for arrival of Brood X cicadas, the sixth emergence of these noisy 17-year bugs in his lifetime
  • Science fun fact | What we eat plays a huge role in climate change

February 2021

  • Our GREEBs volunteers rock!
  • Research feature: Museum scientistis: prepare for the next pandemic now by preserving animal specimens in natural history collections
  • Mark Hunter, celebrated ecologist and inspiring teacher, retires
  • Knute Nadelhoffer, legendary ecosystem ecologist and passionate environemental advocate, retires
  • Alumni news | Honors undergrad alum Lima finds her passion in urban ecology
  • What's up in EEBVIRTUAL Early Career Scientists Symposium 2021 | Natural History Collections: Drivers of Innovation
  • Giving Blueday March 10
  • Science fun fact: Match that sperm!

August 2020

  • Our grads rock: EEB volunteers at Feria de Ciencias
  • Research feature: Tiny brains, big surprise: eavesdropping wasps gain insights about fighting abilities of potential rivals
  • Ecologists across the country say academy must root out racism, recognize Black scholar excellence
  • Alumni news: Russell investigates wildlife disease that's decimating amphibians
  • Changing of the EEB chairs: Wittkopp assumes leadership role
  • EEB fall seminars go virtual
  • Fall preview event
  • Science fun fact: So many dewlaps, so little time

May 2020

  • Our grads rock: Larson wins Rackham Outstanding GSI Award
  • Research feature | Baucom lab students publish research on leaf shape and belowground root competition
  • Four EEB faculty members named Ecological Society of America Fellows
  • Alumni news | Kolins' passion is nature photography
  • HAIL! Celebrating our Class of 2020 graduates!
  • EEB YouTube playlists include these themes: research, alumni, sustainability, seminars, symposiums and more
  • Science fun fact | Bats and diseases, what’s the deal?
  • EEB buzz ... alumni scoop