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Intercultural Learning

Studying abroad will challenge your thinking and broaden your perspectives. These transformations can be accessed more easily with structure and support. That’s what these courses are for—your development, your skill building, your learning from culture.

CGIS offers the following courses on campus and during your time abroad to enhance your intercultural learning. An academic experience abroad can help you distinguish yourself at UM and after graduation. Preparing for that experience, taking advantage of opportunities in your host country, and being able to articulate what you've learned will help you maximize your investment.

ALA 284: Global Understanding

“Like studying abroad 3 hours a week without leaving campus."

In this 3-credit course, learn intercultural skills without leaving the classroom. Online seminars provide live exchange opportunities with a classroom abroad. Meet online with students in a partner classroom for a portion of each class. Discuss topics like cultural traditions, college life, religion and values, stereotypes and discrimination, social justice, and the environment. Collaborate in groups with students in the partner class to research and lead discussion on an assigned topic. Open to all students.

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ALA 285: Introduction to Intercultural Study

Going abroad next term?

How will you transition to a new cultural context when you are abroad and how will you approach intercultural learning during that time? Prepare to make the most of your upcoming global experience—and local intercultural experiences—in this 1-credit class by identifying and setting goals, developing skills for cross-cultural learning and adaptation, and formulating plans to use those skills in your interactions. Open to students on non-CGIS programs, including those preparing for international internships.

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UC 286: Engaged Learning Abroad

Take this UM course online while you are abroad—

Explore strategies to engage socially and academically and learn how to articulate your learning along the way. This 1-credit mini-course is taught entirely online and includes online course modules, structured local interactive assignments, online discussions, and written assignments. Course participants read each others’ writing, give and receive feedback, then incorporate this into edits and further posts.

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UC 287: Integrative Intercultural Study

Just returned from abroad?

Study abroad alone is not likely to get the attention of a potential employer. In this 1-credit interdisciplinary course, reflect on and process your global experience in structured contexts to maximize personal, academic, and professional growth. Learn to articulate the skills and experience you gained abroad on applications and resumes and in interviews with both employers and graduate schools. Open to students on non-CGIS programs.

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ALA 276: Student Leadership in Global Contexts

Refine your leadership and mentoring skills and take them abroad—

Develop your facilitation and mentoring skills in the context of leading study abroad programs in this 2-credit course. Through interactive activities, experiential learning, readings, and reflection exercises, you will learn from peer experiences, analyze and gain understanding of intercultural dynamics, and learn how to mentor study abroad participants before and during on-site experiences.

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