My program abroad was easily a highlight of my time at Michigan. Studying and living in Buenos Aires is a truly unique experience that opened me up to incredible interactions with different people, cultures, and political issues. I will never forget jumping up and down in the stands of River Plate’s (a Buenos Aires soccer team) stadium, shouting songs alongside 60,000 Argentines. Nor will I forget the startling conversations I had with veterans of the Falkland War in the iconic Plaza de Mayo in the midst of their political protest. The conviviality, openness, and easy-going nature of Argentina and its inhabitants were a constant joy to be around and a pleasure to reminisce on. For all of us in the program, studying abroad in Buenos Aires was both an exciting experience and a profoundly different one. Adjusting to new people, new styles of communication and new ways of life proved difficult for many, including me. But experiencing this different culture offered me the opportunity to take great strides in my understanding of the world and my appreciation of its diversity.