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Past Blumenfeld Scholarship Recipients

2018-2019: Alasia Tardy

In her application for the Blumenfeld Scholarship Alasia wrote about the world being a mosaic of people and personalities, which would be an apt way of characterizing her interdisciplinary degree.  She emphasized political science, psychology and Middle Eastern studies in the classroom and abroad, and built connections in mentoring and as a student ambassador for the University of Michigan’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  In her studies, Alasia sought to understand and celebrate difference through multi-disciplinary lenses.

2017-2018: Gwendolen Keller 

Gwen Keller transferred from Kalamazoo College and planned a science major, but the BGS proved to be a more flexible opportunity to integrate her interests in social justice and Native American studies. In her statement of purpose she wrote:

“What would the world be like if, in the very least, each of us took care of our own home? I think if we each took a greater interest in caring for the land and communities where we are from, solutions to more global issues such as pollution, climate change and violence would follow. This concept of rootedness in and care for the home place is a guiding principle of my General Studies curriculum.”

2017-2018: Parker McKee

When Parker arrived at UM he was dismayed by having to select a major in a single field of study, so he turned to BGS.  He sought to build a curriculum to broadly understand organizations, business concepts, and the technologies driving social and economic change. He complemented his coursework in anthropology, computer science, organizational studies, political science and business with internships focusing on technology-based b2b businesses.  His dream is to start a Venture Growth Equity fund. 

2016–2017: Asma Baban

In her Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.), Asma is explored comparative medical practices with a special emphasis on identity and access to health care. Through the interdisciplinary lens of B.G.S. she investigated different categories of identity such as gender, religion, and race in a global context through a thoughtful and coherent program of study.