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Transferring Credits

UPDATE: LSA Transfer Credit Policy for Winter/Spring/Summer 2020

The effects of COVID-19 on the teaching and learning environment at U-M and other universities require some adjustments in LSA’s transfer credit policy for Winter, Spring, and Summer 2020 courses. These policy adjustments aim to minimize any negative impact of  COVID-19 on LSA undergraduate students and their progress to degree. As we acknowledge the flexibility that is needed during this unusual time, the following transfer credit policies will be altered for all courses taken in Winter/Spring/Summer 2020 that are transferred in:

  • Any “P” or “S” grade that is noted on a transcript as representing a C- letter grade or higher will be transferred in and accepted as an acceptable grade (subject to usual criteria for degree requirement credit)

  • All courses previously evaluated and currently approved for transfer credit in the Transfer Credit Equivalency (TCE) will continue to be accepted even if the course was taken with a different delivery method (i.e. online) and without any additional verification process for students

  • All never evaluated courses will continue to be reviewed and approved by the appropriate department to ensure it includes key curricular content that is comparable (including the review of syllabi and exams), but no course will be summarily rejected solely because of the delivery method (i.e. online)

All other policies will still apply.





Current U-M students and incoming transfer students can check course equivalencies by using the transfer credit equivalency search. Transfer credit may be posted as an exact equivalent to a U-M course, departmental credit, or interdepartmental credit.

Transferring Credit for Courses Taken at Another College

Transfer credit equivalencies listed on this page are for college students only; high school students, depending on individual circumstances, may or may not receive transfer credit for courses if elected while in high school.

Transfer Credit Process

If you are a current LSA student, you may receive credit for courses taken elsewhere so long as you meet the College's transfer credit guidelines.

BEFORE taking a transfer course/study abroad opportunity

  1. Will the course transfer to the University of Michigan? (Students on UM/CGIS study abroad skill to step 2)
    Yes - Course is listed on the Transfer Credit Equivalencies (TCE) website

    Course is NOT listed on TCE site. Submit for pre-evaluation.

  2. Will the course count towards a major or minor? (Pre-Evaluation)
    Make an appointment with a departmental advisor for a review of the course description and syllabus.

  3. Will the course count towards distribution? (Pre-Evaluation)
    Make an appointment with a Newnan advisor for review of the course description and syllabus.

AFTER completing pre-approved transfer/study abroad course


  1. Has the course posted on your University of Michigan Transcript?
    Have transfer/study abroad institution send the transcript to:

    Credit Evaluators, Office of Undergraduate Admissions,
    300 Student Activities Building, 515 East Jefferson, Ann Arbor , MI 48109-1316

    Electronic copies can be sent to
  2. Has the course been finalized to count toward your major, minor, or distribution?Once the course has posted to your transcript, provide completed coursework (papers, assignments, syllabus, exams) for review by the department or your Newnan advisor. Upon approval, an exception will be made in your student file by the advisor. 

    Transfer credit cannot be used to satisfy the Upper-Level Writing Requirement or the Race and Ethnicity requirement. Sweetland Center for Writing maintains a list of approved and not-approved transfer courses for the First-Year Writing Requirement. Once you enroll in LSA, you may not elect courses to meet the Language Requirement at another school unless the appropriate language department approves that plan in advance.


How to Apply to Take Classes at Another College

You will need to check with the other school’s admissions office and follow their procedures and deadlines. Note that some schools may refer to you as a guest or visiting student.

If you will be using the Michigan Uniform Guest Application, Part II of the application is completed by the Registrar’s Office. Take your completed application, to the Registrar’s Office for them to certify and mail. Their office is located at 2200 SAB.